February 18, 2020

Hello World!

Learning a new language for Software Development always starts with a "Hello World" program. So I thought why shouldn't I start this blog with kinda the same. A Hello World! blog entry. While this is easy for a new language I honestly don't know how what a similar thigh for a blog should look like.

Therefore I aim into the black with this blog post and hope that in the future I won't be embarrassed about it. Though I think that all old posts from oneself are in some way kinda embarrassing. Be it that one thinks one should have be more precise, should habe done better research before writing the entry etc. This list could probably go on a while. Honestly I also don't know what this blog will be about and how often I will write an entry. As far as I know myself and how I do things, this blog will mostly end up being about all topics I can imagine. It could also be that I won't ever write an entry again after this one. We will see what time brings.

So yeah Hello World ! and welcome to my blog.

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